San Antonio, TX – Man Fatally Struck on W Martin St at NW 24th St

San Antonio, TX – Man Fatally Struck on W Martin St at NW 24th St

San Antonio, TX (June 22, 2024) – A man was killed in a motor vehicle accident that followed a shooting late Tuesday evening, June 19. Authorities were informed of the crash at around 11:30 p.m.

According to official reports, a man and woman were driving along West Martin Street during the evening hours. For unknown reasons, a person in another vehicle began shooting at them. The man and woman were both struck by gunfire, causing the vehicle to go off the roadway and into a ditch. After leaving the road, the vehicle struck two pedestrians. Both pedestrians became pinned under the vehicle. The two people in the vehicle were fatally injured in the incident. The male pedestrian was also fatally injured and pronounced deceased on-site. The female pedestrian was rushed to an area hospital for medical care. At this time, the incident is being investigated.

Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by this fatal collision.

Car Crashes in Texas

Every single day in Texas, car accidents occur, leading to hundreds of thousands of individuals getting injured each year due to collisions on our roads. Following an accident, it is vital to take certain steps to safeguard your legal rights. Seeking medical attention and reporting the incident to law enforcement are among the crucial actions to protect both your well-being and legal standing.

What If My Injuries Surface Later?

It’s not uncommon for injuries to manifest sometime after the accident has taken place. Certain injuries, like soft tissue damage and internal organ trauma, may exhibit delayed symptoms that become apparent hours or even days post-accident. Therefore, it is essential to seek medical help promptly, even if you initially feel okay after the collision. A healthcare professional can evaluate your condition, identify any hidden injuries, and provide the necessary treatment.

From a legal and insurance standpoint, dealing with delayed injury symptoms can present challenges, but it doesn’t necessarily hinder your ability to file a claim. When informing your insurance provider about the accident, ensure you mention any delayed symptoms you’ve experienced. Documenting the progression of your injuries, particularly highlighting the timing of their onset post-accident, is crucial.

Seeking immediate legal counsel from a San Antonio car accident attorney is highly recommended. This step increases your chances of seeking justice for the harm you’ve endured and ensures you receive the support needed to navigate the legal processes effectively. By engaging legal representation immediately after a crash, you enhance your chances of securing the compensation you deserve for the injuries sustained in the accident.

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