What Our Customers are Saying

Troy’s office was beyond stellar in resolving my injury case.

“Troy’s office was beyond stellar in resolving my injury case. I work for a large insurance company and never had reason to retain an attorney. That all changed in 2017 when I was struck by an 18 wheeler. I endured two surgeries, one being a major operation and Troy and his team were always compassionate towards me. They were prompt with addressing any concerns I had on the case and always put my mind at ease. Because of Troy’s aggressive negotiations and extensive knowledge, my case was resolved very quickly. They have a lifelong client in myself and family! Should I ever need representation I will be returning to his office.”

- D.E.

Outstanding!! Troy Brookover handled a very complicated case for me! I didn’t have to do anything, but get well!

“Troy Brookover dealt with a very complicated case . He handled a completely unreasonable insurance agent from State Farm who tried to claim my very serious injuries and surgery were unrelated to my accident. It took forever but Troy was tenacious. We never even had to go to trial. Eventually the car insurance paid their limits, and then Troy negotiated a great settlement with the health insurer , and finally presented my case to the under insured policy that I carried. They tendered their limits within a few weeks. I did not have to do anything but get well.”

- Former Client

If you’re looking for a lawyer who is seriously going to fight for you, then you need Mr Troy Brookover.

“I will be honest, my case did take a long time to settle but only because of the uniqueness of the case. If you’re impatient and just want money now then go somewhere else. However if you are looking to be VERY fairly compensated and want someone who not only will fight hard for you, but will also treat you as a person and not just a dollar sign then you need Mr. Brookover. Not only did he show me that he really cared about me and my case, so did everyone else that was working directly on my case. My very first experience was with Ray who I shared my story with. He was so nice and helpful and anytime I had a question he never hesitated to answer my questions. I feel he personally went beyond what anyone else at another law firm would have. As my case progressed I started working more one on one with Mr. Brookover and his assistant Stormie. She is another one that I cannot say enough about. She is one hard worker! As I’ve mentioned before my case was unique and needed the hand of someone who could handle all the fine little details with ease. She never once showed frustration or complained about having to work on so much with my case. She was there for me when I needed someone to just cry with or vent to get all my emotions out. She was so understanding with me. Encouraging, supportive and compassionate. Mr. Brookover was there to hear me out. He never assumed anything about me. Would sincerely ask how I was doing and how I was progressing. Would keep me updated on everything that was going on, every detail. Like I’ve said before, he showed me he cared about me as a person, cared about how my life and my family was impacted by everything that happened to me. When my case was finally settled after 3 long years he didn’t just say, “ok thank you and good luck.” No, he still even went beyond to advise me and guide me with great advice on options that I may look into so that my settlement would last me my lifetime. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Brookover and everyone there at his law firm for everything that they all did for me during the most difficult time in my life.”

- J Mimun

Troy Brookover and his team are professional and extremely helpful.

“Excellent communication throughout the entire process from beginning to end. I highly recommend Troy Brookover! Amazing team!”

- Mandy Papini

Excellent lawyer. Troy really helped me to get through a very difficult situation.

“Excellent lawyer. Troy really helped me to get through a very difficult situation. I considered choosing a different injury attorney in the beginning, but if I had taking the advice they were giving me, I would have ended up fighting to get reimbursed for probably more than a year. Luckily I choose Troy, and though it still took a little bit of time to settle my case, I got a lot more in compensation than I thought I was going to get. Anyway, very grateful to Troy and his staff, would definitely recommend this lawyer to anyone in San Antonio.”

- Boram Yeo

Troy Brookover is in my opinion the best personal injury attorney in San Antonio.

“Troy Brookover is in my opinion the best personal injury attorney in San Antonio. I’ve been through hell and back dealing with attorneys that treated me like dirt and told me I had no chance of winning my case. Troy didn’t promise that he’d be able to win my case but he did say that he would do his very best for me. He did! It took a little longer than I expected but in the end he got me to a much better place that I ever thought I would be. I’m very grateful to him, and I feel like anyone else is going to have the same experience as I did.”

- Nathan Shaffer

I had a really great experience when I worked with Troy.

“I had a really great experience when I worked with Troy. He was very understanding of the situation me and my husband were in after our accident. At first I wasn’t sure if we even had a case, but after our first meeting it was clear that we were victims, and Troy assured us that he would do everything possible to get us a fair settlement. In the end, the settlement was more than fair and we definitely owe that to Troy. I can say without a doubt that Troy and his staff are some of the most professional people I have ever worked with.”

- Ramiro Chavez

I don’t think there’s anything more I could have asked for.

“I went to Troy after a motorcycle accident left me with a broken leg and two broken arms. It’s been nearly a year since the accident but I still remember exactly what it felt like after the crash, I thought my life was over. Troy’s office really did a lot to give me hope, they called and emailed me with updates on my case, they gave me a lot of encouragement and told me to hang on because thing would definitely get better, they even came and visited me in the hospital while I was recovering. I don’t think there’s anything more I could have asked for. Now that my case is over and I’m fully recovered, I feel like I’m a better place than I was before the accident. I definitely have Troy to thank for that, and I’ll always be grateful.”

- Tim Reynolds

I am so thankful to Troy and his staff.

“I recently used this law firm after I was injured in a car accident. My injury was pretty serious, I broke my collar bone and damaged my right eye significantly. Honestly, I didn’t think that I was going to get any help for my damages, the other person was claiming that I ran the stop sign when in fact they ran the sign, and there were no witnesses to prove it. Troy (my attorney) did some investigating in to local surveillance cameras in the area and was able to find one that was being shot through a restaurant, and it clearly showed that the other driver had run the sign. You can’t imagine how relieved I felt when I saw that video. We didn’t even have to go to trial, the other drivers insurance company negotiated a settlement that covered all of my damages plus rehabilitation for my injuries up through the next 10 years. I am so thankful to Troy and his staff, there is no way that I would be where I am today if it had not been for his help.”

- Roger Blackfield

Troy Brookover is a tremendous attorney at law.

“Great Attorney. Troy Brookover is a tremendous attorney at law. Very knowledgeable and hard working, I have complete confidence in his abilities to argue and win my case. I never have to call Mr. Brookover for status since he and his entire staff kept me informed like no other attorney I have ever worked with. To date I have referred seven friends/business associates to Mr. Brookover since I have complete faith in his abilities. They too have been very impressed with him and have been grateful for my recommendation. And in summation, because of Mr. Brookover’s abilities, he is the ONLY attorney I chose to work with. When I or a friend might be in need of hiring an attorney for a practice of law that is not Mr. Brookover’s specialty, he will refer me to an expert in that practice of law who is an expert as well.”

- Jack Shull