San Antonio, TX – Vehicle Collision on I-35 near Austin St

San Antonio, TX – Vehicle Collision on I-35 near Austin St

San Antonio, TX (June 4, 2024) – A car crash reported in the government Hill section of San Antonio resulted in injuries. The San Antonio Police Department and firefighters received a request for assistance at around 4:30 p.m. on June 3.

According to law enforcement reports, vehicles collided on Interstate 35 N. during the evening hours. The incident prompted the closure of the roadway near Austin Street. The delays were reported on the North Pan-American Expressway as emergency officials worked to clear the scene. Emergency medical services responded to the crash site to care for injured victims and transport them to area hospitals. At this time, the San Antonio Police Department is working to determine what caused the crash.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims. We hope for their full recovery.

Auto Accidents in Texas

In Texas, auto accidents occur all too frequently. Shockingly, nearly every two minutes, someone sustains an injury due to a collision on our roads. In the aftermath of such accidents, victims often have legal avenues available to seek justice. A common course of action for individuals involved in car crashes is to pursue a legal claim against the liable party. By filing a personal injury claim for compensation, victims can secure the financial support needed to address their losses and damages.

Establishing Fault After a Collision

Following a car accident in Texas, a crucial step is determining the party at fault. The liable individual is responsible for providing financial compensation to cover the losses and damages resulting from the accident. Proving fault necessitates a thorough investigation. Collecting ample evidence from the accident scene is paramount, involving tasks like capturing photos, gathering witness testimonies, and obtaining any available surveillance footage or police reports. This evidence serves to illuminate the circumstances surrounding the accident and the contributing factors.

Moreover, it’s essential to assess if any violations of traffic laws precipitated the accident—such as speeding, failure to yield, or driving under the influence. Analyzing skid marks and vehicle damage patterns can offer valuable insights into the party responsible for the collision. Consulting with accident reconstruction specialists for expert opinions can further clarify the fault determination process. Engaging a San Antonio car accident attorney can significantly enhance your chances of seeking justice after an accident.

Get Started on the Path to Recovery

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