Weird Texas Driving Laws

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Texas has some unique rules for driving on the road, just like every other state. Some of these laws were developed years ago in order to resolve issues that no longer exist today. Even though many of the concerns from those days are no longer relevant, some of the laws designed to address those issues from days passed are still on the books today.

Some Odd Rules of the Road

Whether you are a Texas resident or just visiting the great state, it is useful to know the following rules when driving on Texas roads:

  • Regulation 545.404 states that parking brakes must be set whenever a vehicle is left unattended in Fort Worth.
  • Regulation 545.404 also asserts that your vehicle keys must not be left in the ignition when it is left unattended. Violating this regulation could result in a $500 fine.
  • In San Antonio, you may be fined $150 for opening your car door, whether it is moving or not.
  • There is no law in Texas stating that your vehicle must have a windshield, but you are required to have windshield wipers.
  • If you make a U-turn in Richardson, beware. You could receive a $205 fine.
  • Your vehicle may not have anything protruding from its bumper unless it is attached with a chain.

Other Texas Fun Facts

In addition to some strange driving regulations, Texas law also includes other rules that are seemingly irrelevant to living in the area today.

  • Texas has its own power grid called ERCOT and it was designed to avoid federal power grid regulation.
  • The deadliest natural disaster in the United States was the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900.
  • The Texas state motto is friendship because the Caddo Indian word “tejas” means “friend.”
  • At 85 miles per hour, Texas holds the highest speed limit in the country.

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