Common Injuries Caused In Car Accidents

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After a serious car accident, there are numerous injuries that a person can sustain. Unfortunately, many of these can have a long-term impact on the victim including medical care, rehabilitation, and more. When this happens, those harmed deserve the right to pursue compensation. Understanding the most common injuries that can be sustained as a result of a car accident is important, as you should recognize what legal options you have, as well as what treatment is necessary to live life as normal as possible following a crash.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Even the smallest of jolts can cause significant brain injuries, including concussions from the brain rattling around inside your skull. While even a small impact can cause this to happen, individuals involved in car accidents are also susceptible to having their head hit the frame, dashboard, steering wheel, or other part of the vehicle.

Head injuries often result in long-term problems and if you have suffered, you must understand the severity of the injury. Head injuries can be diagnosed based on the hearing, speaking, vision, and motor functions of the victim to determine just how serious the injuries are.

Spinal Cord Damage

Mostly caused by rear-end collisions, spinal cord injuries can have detrimental impacts on those who suffer them. The minor damages are often associated with soreness and some stiffness, but the worst-case scenario can see the victim suffer from full paralysis.

Spinal cord injuries may be an aftermath of the injured person experiencing whiplash, which is when the head whips forward then backward in a rapid motion. It can cause significant damage to different levels of the spine, creating problems such as bulging discs, nerve, muscle, or tissue damage, and more.

Broken Bones

Ribs and clavicles are some of the most commonly broken bones resulting from a car accident. While other bones are susceptible as well—legs, arms, etc.—broken ribs can lead to other damage to your internal organs.

The impact of a car accident on the vehicle (often causing the frame to collapse) can be enough to create numerous fractures that require surgery to properly heal.

Burn Injuries

While not as common as other injuries, burn injuries can occur in motorcycle accidents, or those where oil leaks and causes a fire. The most common types of burn injuries resulting from accidents include thermal burns (from flames) and friction burns.

Knee and Shoulder Injuries

As with any joint on the body, knees and shoulders are sensitive and easily susceptible to serious harm in a car accident. The body jolts and moves throughout the car in accident and the position of your hands, arms, feet, and legs can lead to serious injuries.

For instance, if your hands are on the wheel and the impact of the crash throws your shoulder into the door or your knee into the center console, you may suffer significant injuries as a result. As delicate joints, when injuries occur to the knees or shoulders, the pain can last for a long time and physical therapy may be required to heal.

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