J Mimun

“I will be honest, my case did take a long time to settle but only because of the uniqueness of the case. If you’re impatient and just want money now then go somewhere else. However if you are looking to be VERY fairly compensated and want someone who not only will fight hard for you, but will also treat you as a person and not just a dollar sign then you need Mr. Brookover. Not only did he show me that he really cared about me and my case, so did everyone else that was working directly on my case. My very first experience was with Ray who I shared my story with. He was so nice and helpful and anytime I had a question he never hesitated to answer my questions. I feel he personally went beyond what anyone else at another law firm would have. As my case progressed I started working more one on one with Mr. Brookover and his assistant Stormie. She is another one that I cannot say enough about. She is one hard worker! As I’ve mentioned before my case was unique and needed the hand of someone who could handle all the fine little details with ease. She never once showed frustration or complained about having to work on so much with my case. She was there for me when I needed someone to just cry with or vent to get all my emotions out. She was so understanding with me. Encouraging, supportive and compassionate. Mr. Brookover was there to hear me out. He never assumed anything about me. Would sincerely ask how I was doing and how I was progressing. Would keep me updated on everything that was going on, every detail. Like I’ve said before, he showed me he cared about me as a person, cared about how my life and my family was impacted by everything that happened to me. When my case was finally settled after 3 long years he didn’t just say, “ok thank you and good luck.” No, he still even went beyond to advise me and guide me with great advice on options that I may look into so that my settlement would last me my lifetime. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Brookover and everyone there at his law firm for everything that they all did for me during the most difficult time in my life.”