What Documents Do I Need to Gather for My Truck Accident Claim?

Documents Needed for My Truck Accident Claim

If you have a truck accident claim, you will need various documents to prove the truck driver’s or trucking company’s liability and show what injuries and losses you have sustained. Some basic supporting documents truck accident lawyers use to develop a truck accident case include the police accident report, medical records related to the collision, insurance information, and hospital bills. 

Every personal injury case involving commercial vehicles and serious injuries has unique factors. A truck accident lawyer can guide you through the process of evaluating a claim and pursuing compensation. Many records may be needed to develop a truck accident lawsuit, depending on the circumstances of the crash and the severity of the injuries. Keep reading to learn more about essential evidence to build a case and how a truck accident attorney can help you demand fair compensation under Texas law.

Evidence That Is Essential to a Truck Crash Claim

Proving liability for your injuries and losses in a truck accident requires various pieces of evidence to identify the at-fault parties. Examples of documents and records that are typically used to develop a truck accident claim include:

  • Police Reports: Police go to the scene of a truck accident and investigate how the crash occurred. Law enforcement officers are trained to conduct accident investigations and provide an objective perspective on what happened. Police accident reports document the names of all drivers involved and the responsible parties. Accident reports are among the most critical pieces of evidence in a personal injury claim. Insurance companies generally give weight to the findings of police reports when assigning fault in an accident. In some cases, the police officer writing the crash report may note his or her opinion about what caused the crash.
  • Medical Records: You will need records of the medical treatment and rehabilitation you received for injuries you sustained in a truck accident. Your medical records and medical bills can show that the truck accident directly caused your injuries and losses, especially if you sought medical treatment immediately after the accident. Traumatic brain injuries are common in truck accident cases. If you have catastrophic injuries, you may have ongoing treatment needs and future medical expenses. A knowledgeable truck accident attorney will help you seek financial compensation for present and future medical expenses.
  • Insurance Information: You should gather the insurance information of the truck driver or trucking company, including the policy numbers. Take a photo of the insurance card if you have a phone camera handy. If the truck driver refuses to share insurance information, wait for the police to arrive. The police will gather insurance information and share it with all those involved.
  • Employment Records: If your truck accident injuries prevent you from working, gather copies of your pay stubs or income statements. They can be used to calculate your lost wages as a result of the truck accident and, in some cases, lost future earning capacity.
  • Property Damage Estimates: You should keep a copy of any estimates you’ve obtained for repairs to your damaged vehicle. If the insurance company deems your car a total loss, you should also obtain documentation of your car’s actual cash value to confirm that repair costs exceed the car’s value and help you obtain full reimbursement for your property damage.
  • Witness Statements: You should get the contact information of anyone who saw the truck accident happen, including bystanders, other motorists, pedestrians, or bicyclists. Witness testimony can corroborate your recollection of how the accident occurred.
  • Photos and Videos: If safe to do so, use your phone camera to take photos or videos at the accident scene that show road conditions, weather conditions, traffic signs, skid marks on the road, or other details. Save your photos and videos to a thumb drive.
  • Accident Reconstruction Reports: If the truck accident involves multiple commercial trucks or passenger vehicles, making it hard to assign fault, a personal injury attorney may work with an accident reconstruction specialist to determine what happened. The specialist can analyze the evidence, including electronic data from the truck’s black box, and provide a report outlining what caused the accident.
  • Expert Witness Reports: Experts in the fields of engineering, medicine, and finance can provide reports discussing the cause of the accident, how your injuries will affect your ability to work, and the extent of your future lost earnings.

How To Organize Your Documents?

Keep any documents related to your truck accident claim in one place, such as in a binder, folder, or file box. Organizing the documents can help you quickly locate them when you need to provide them to your lawyer or the insurance company.

Keep different categories of documents, such as medical records, insurance company correspondence, or vehicle repair bills, in different folders to create categories of documents. Attach sticky notes to each document with a brief description of the document and organize documents in chronological order so you can easily find documents when you need them. 

You should create a spreadsheet or list of your documents, including noting where you’ve put each document.

Remember to make multiple physical copies of your records for your truck accident attorney or the insurance company. Make an electronic copy of each document and back up those copies to an external hard drive or cloud storage.

When To Submit Your Documents?

You should bring the records you have to your initial consultation with a truck accident lawyer. The lawyer may want to review the police report, accident scene photos, car repair estimates, and medical records to understand the extent of your injuries and losses and evaluate potential liability.

 An experienced truck accident law firm can use the documents to help determine the extent of your losses and prepare a demand letter to submit to the trucking companies and appropriate insurance companies. Trucking companies often try to avoid liability for commercial truck accidents. It’s important to seek the guidance of a truck accident attorney who knows the evidence needed to recover compensation when dealing with the truck industry.

 Insurers handling truck accident claims typically want to obtain a copy of the police report and copies of any photos or videos taken at the accident scene.

Experienced personal injury attorneys understand when it’s appropriate to share copies of medical records of treatment or rehab you’ve obtained for your injuries and copies of bills, invoices, or receipts for medical expenses from the accident.

 If a truck accident claim goes to trial, your attorney will use many records and documents as evidence at trial to prove the truck driver caused the accident. A jury or a judge will review the documents and determine the compensation you are owed for your injuries and other losses.

 Get Legal Help From Our Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers in San Antonio

If you’ve been hurt in a San Antonio truck accident caused by a negligent truck driver or trucking company, you may have the right under Texas personal injury law to seek fair compensation for your injuries and other losses. Seek the guidance of a reputable law firm that has helped many accident victims. Gathering documentation of medical bills and lost wages after a serious truck accident can improve your chances of holding liable parties accountable. 

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