Vehicle and Driver Requirements For Uber and Lyft in Texas

Vehicle and Driver Requirements For Uber and Lyft in Texas

Is the rideshare vehicle you’re traveling in safe? Does it meet the minimum requirements set forth by Uber or Lyft? Each ridesharing company has its own standards for driver qualifications, vehicle features, and insurance. These requirements vary from state to state and even city to city. A car acceptable for an Uber driver in Louisiana may not meet the Lyft or Uber requirements for Texas.

Lyft vehicles in Texas must:

  • Have four doors
  • Be a 2009 model or newer
  • Have five to eight seats, including the driver’s seat
  • Not be titled as rebuilt, salvage, non-repairable, or the equivalent classification
  • Not be a stretch limousine, taxi, or a non-Express drive rented vehicle

Uber vehicles in San Antonio, Texas, must:

  • Have four doors
  • Be no more than 16 years old
  • Be in good working condition and have no exterior or interior cosmetic damage
  • Have no commercial branding, such as a car advertisement sticker or sign

Texas Vehicle Requirements for Uber and Lyft Vehicle and Drivers

Uber and Lyft set specific requirements and minimum qualifications for drivers and vehicles in different Texas cities. San Antonio-specific Uber requirements for vehicles, registration, and driver insurance state:

  • Vehicles must be under 16 years old, in good condition, have no visible damage, have four doors, and may not have any non-Uber branding decals or other advertisements. Uber also has a list of acceptable vehicles to drive in San Antonio. It sets specific standards for Uber X, Uber XL, Uber Comfort, and Uber Premier.
  • Uber permits drivers to submit both temporary and official registration documentation and does not require the driver’s vehicle to be registered in their name.
  • All Uber drivers must maintain their own auto insurance policy compliant with Texas minimum vehicle insurance requirements. Uber also provides liability insurance coverage for covered accidents if the driver’s personal auto insurance doesn’t apply.

Lyft does not have specific requirements for San Antonio. Lyft drivers in San Antonio should meet the Texas Lyft requirements for vehicles, registration, and driver insurance, which are as follows:

  • Vehicles must be no older than a 2009 model, with four doors and five to eight seats. They cannot be a stretch limo or taxi. Only Express Driver rental vehicles are permitted for Lyft service. Lyft vehicles may not have salvage, rebuilt, or non-repairable titles or an equivalent classification.
  • San Antonio Lyft drivers may rent a vehicle through the ridesharing company’s Express Drive program. The program includes standard insurance.
  • Texas Lyft drivers must have a valid driver’s license. Out-of-state and temporary licenses are permitted. Drivers must be 25 or older and pass a driver screening, including criminal background and driving history checks. The car must have a Texas registration sticker, and drivers must carry their own personal insurance policy, meeting Texas minimum standards.

How Old a Car Can You Drive for Uber and Lyft in Texas?

Lyft stipulates that the vehicle must be no older than a 2009 model year, while Uber requires all vehicles to be under 16 years old.

Mandatory Insurance for Texas Uber and Lyft Drivers

The Texas Department of Insurance notes that many standard auto insurance liability policies may not cover damage or injury if the driver uses the vehicle for ridesharing, though rideshare-specific policies are increasingly available for purchase. The state requires Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing companies to have insurance to cover damage a rideshare driver causes if the driver isn’t insured.

Here’s how insurance works in an Uber or Lyft accident. If the rideshare driver isn’t logged into the app, their personal auto insurance policy should cover any damage they cause in an accident. 

The rideshare company’s additional liability coverage should augment the driver’s own insurance policy if they cause an accident while logged into the app and waiting for a fare. If the rideshare driver is transporting a passenger or on their way to pick up one, the rideshare company’s $1 million third-party liability policy is active.

Which insurance policy applies in which circumstance can be confusing. If you are involved in a rideshare accident, you should consult with a San Antonio rideshare accident lawyer: someone who understands the issues that rideshare accidents entail and can advise you about your legal options for seeking the money you need to recover.

Using a Rental Car for Uber or Lyft in Texas: Is It Allowed?

Lyft permits qualified drivers to rent a car through the Express Driver program. It’s only available in select cities, including San Antonio.

Uber has a list of approved rental companies from which drivers may rent a car. Rental cars not from an approved rental company may not be used to provide Uber services.

Required Safety Features for Texas Rideshare Vehicles

Lyft vehicles must pass an annual Texas state safety inspection. The vehicle owner must provide proof of insurance before the inspection is conducted. Other safety requirements include having at least four doors and five seatbelts, one per seat.

Uber requirements for San Antonio drivers state that vehicles must have four doors, have no visible cosmetic damage, and be in good mechanical condition.

Do Uber and Lyft Require Drivers to Have a Clean Driving Record in Texas?

Lyft drivers in Texas undergo a driver background check and a criminal background check and must prove that they are at least 25 and have a valid driver’s license. Drivers who do not pass these screenings may not drive for Lyft.

Uber also conducts driving history and criminal background checks and verifies the applicant’s driver’s license. Drivers must have at least one year of driving experience or three years of experience if they are under 25. Uber reruns criminal and driving checks every year.

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