100 Deadliest Days: What Are They?

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When it comes to car accidents, some of the more vulnerable drivers are teens. They’re new to driving, often with a lot to learn—and sometimes with plenty of distractions to worry about on the road. These dangers are increased during what is referred to as the 100 deadliest days.

These days go from Memorial Day weekend, through the summer and ends after Labor Day weekend. For all drivers on the road, it’s imperative to understand why they are called the 100 deadliest days, signs of danger, and things to avoid.

The Increase In Teen Drivers and the Dangers

Many teens are out of school after Memorial Day and there are countless people on the road going on vacation. Unfortunately, this also means traveling with friends and several distractions which can cause serious accidents.

Teens are more likely to crash when they’re looking at and talking to friends who may be passengers in their vehicles with them. They’re also more likely to check their phones while driving, creating serious distractions which can lead to them colliding with others on the road.

During this time, accidents and fatal injuries increase dramatically compared to the rest of the months of the year. And it’s not just for the teens who are driving distracted—it’s also dangerous for all others on the road, making it important to recognize the potential signs of a distracted driver.

Here are some things you want to be wary of:

  • Swerving: When a teen driver (or any driver for that matter) is looking at their phone, they’re more likely to swerve and cut into another lane. Combine this with the increased traffic on the road and there can be serious problems.
  • Slowing down and speeding up: Typically, distracted drivers are not looking at the speedometer and multi-tasking becomes difficult. They may start to speed up, but slow down when checking their phone.

If you notice these signs, don’t try and get close to the driver.

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