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Been in an Motor Vehicle Accident in San Antonio? We Can Help!

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Have you been in an auto accident in the San Antonio area? Thousands of auto passengers and drivers are killed every year on our nation’s highways and city streets, and even more are injured. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that, in 2009, 45,836 individuals died while operating a motor vehicle, while 2.9 million were permanently or temporarily injured. None of these drivers planned to be involved in an auto accident, but a large number will be at some point in their lives. When an injury occurs as a result of one of these accidents, lives can be changed forever.

Insurance companies aggressively fight to avoid admitting liability. When liability is admitted, these companies rarely pay enough money to adequately compensate injury victims for their loss. In addition, many insurance companies purposely stall the compensation process for as long as possible, in hopes that the claimant will lose interest or give up. For these reasons, it is imperative for auto accident victims to protect their right through competent legal representation.

The Law Offices of Troy A. Brookover proudly stand up for the rights of motor vehicle accident victims in San Antonio. Troy seeks the maximum compensatory judgments for each client, while holding negligent drivers personally responsible.

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