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18 Wheeler Accidents & Injuries

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18 wheeler accidents & injuries lawyer in san antonioAccidents involving 18 wheelers often cause death or life-long injuries to the passengers and drivers involved. 18 wheeler collisions and accidents caused by unsafe loads, driver violations, and blowouts are common. Due to negligent behaviors and inadequate maintenance, a large number of wrongful death and personal injury claims are filed in court every year. Trucking companies train each employee in what they should say and do to avoid legal responsibility after an accident. For these reasons, it is imperative for 18 wheeler accident victims to retain an attorney who will hold negligent drivers responsible for the casualties that they cause.

Thanks to modern land-based black box data recorders, GPS tracking systems, and accident reconstruction technology, investigating 18 wheeler accidents is easier and more accurate than ever before. Accident reconstruction experts can now determine whether or not a truck driver was operating the vehicle in an appropriate manner by analyzing GPS data, measuring skid marks, and looking at the information recorded on the data recorder. In addition, accident simulation techniques and computer animation allow investigators to recreate the entire accident through skillful manipulation of the variables and vehicle trajectory.

At the Law Offices of Troy A. Brookover, we work cooperatively with accident experts to expose negligent driving behaviors. In turn, the driver is held responsible for any resulting fatalities or personal injuries. Contact us for a free consultation regarding your accident, injuries, or loss as a result of a negligent truck driver.


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